Who’s using Libraries?

Library use differs from site to site; from small rural libraries to very busy urban and city super-libraries.

However, last year we found this project interesting and thought we’d share it:


Photographer Keith Pattison has created some great work here, that relays snapshots of a week in the life of a branch library – Cruddas Park, Newcastle upon Tyne.

We are very grateful to Keith for allowing us to reproduce a selection of the photographs here. You can view the complete book on Keith’s website.

Young mums with toddlers on tow.
Older mums researching family-trees.
Teenagers homeworking and facebooking of course.
A young man is looking to start a band.
A lady wants to use the computer.
A man’s joined the job club.
A regular wants a coffee.
Numerous children take home Wally, Peppa, Asterix, Henry, Princesses, Bears, Castles and Dragons…
A young man wants advice.
A lady browses the Health & Wellbeing…
…and many, many people looking for their next adventure,
thriller or romance…

It helps illustrate the real nature of libraries. Being used regularly by many people, seeking real information, education and entertainment.


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