100 free things to do at the Library


It’s simple, It’s FREE..

  1. Download ebooks and audiobooks anywhere you are.
  2. Use the WiFi or one of the public computers.
  3. Reserve and enjoy books, CDs and DVDs.
  4. Feel good that you reused and recycled. (see #3)
  5. Search through millions of items in the online catalog.
  6. Have items delivered to you if you’re homebound.
  7. Renew items online, by phone, or in person.
  8. Discover a new language.
  9. Use reliable, child-friendly resources to do homework.
  10. Webchat a question and get an answer in minutes.
  11. Learn languages fast with online courses.
  12. Get help from the ultimate search engine – a librarian.
  13. Find out about free local museums and attractions.
  14. Find out about energy monitor to save on electric bills.
  15. Bring the family to a puppet show, magician, or other events.
  16. Bring your newborn to Bookstart and meet other parents.
  17. Reserve a meeting room for your nonprofit group.
  18. Take a citizenship practice test.
  19. Look up how much that 1980’s Star Wars figure is worth.
  20. Attend an interesting lecture or creative workshop.
  21. Read the newspapers as far back as the 1800s.
  22. Check your investments or trace your family tree.
  23. Discover more about real-nappies and childcare.
  24. Pick up recommended readings lists for kids of all ages.
  25. Discover e-readers.
  26. Read the newest bestsellers and magazines.
  27. Create a resume and apply for jobs online.
  28. Learn about upcoming community and cultural events.
  29. Shape up with an exercise video.
  30. Find a list of local childcare providers.
  31. Read the latest medical research reports online.
  32. Play board and Wii games after-school.
  33. Learn to identify the birds in your backyard.
  34. Study in a quiet place.
  35. Wiggle and giggle with your child at Toddler Time.
  36. Use Library resources to start a small business.
  37. Find out about local community organizations.
  38. Consult consumer guides.
  39. Pick up recreation activities guides.
  40. Find detailed specs and manuals for your car.
  41. Attend an earlylearning workshops for parents.
  42. Receive reading recommendations and newsletters.
  43. Learn creative ways you can interest your toddler in books.
  44. Join a reading group.
  45. Update your Facebook page.
  46. Check out books in large print for easier reading.
  47. Try a new craft or join a writer’s group.
  48. Check out your favorite graphic novel.
  49. Watch your child develop reading skills and confidence.
  50. Learn how to navigate the Internet.
  51. Get materials 7 days a week, after work, and on weekends.
  52. Hear a poetry reading.
  53. Be inspired by new ideas for redecorating your house.
  54. Learn how to prepare your preschooler for success in school.
  55. Check out a new or old television series.
  56. Get big picture books for storytelling at home.
  57. Pick up catalogs of classes at local colleges.
  58. Meet an author.
  59. Join a book discussion group.
  60. Trek to another planet in a Sci-Fi novel.
  61. Research a term paper.
  62. Schedule a Library tour tailored to your group or class.
  63. Open an email account.
  64. Share something new with your children.
  65. Discover foreign films.
  66. Attend a workshop about how to handle money or home budgets.
  67. Volunteer.
  68. Learn to touch type or master that new software program.
  69. Find a new recipe.
  70. Delight your toddler with a pop-up book.
  71. Share online resources and databases with your students.
  72. Borrow a Book Kit for your book group.
  73. Enroll your child in the Summer Reading program.
  74. Bring your child to get their prizes after completing Summer Reading.
  75. Take a computer class.
  76. Check out the latest fashion magazine.
  77. Explore your background with Ancestry.
  78. Get out of the rain and find a good book in winter.
  79. Cool off in on a hot summer day.
  80. Get tips for using a new digital camera.
  81. Read a local, national, or international newspaper.
  82. Publicize a nonprofit organization on the bulletin board.
  83. Find out about upcoming community and cultural events.
  84. Look up the phone number for a long-lost friend.
  85. Participate in competitions and win prizes.
  86. Pick up the Library’s calendar of programs and events.
  87. Learn how to take care of your new pet.
  88. Donate your used books to the Friends of the Library.
  89. Reserve books that will help you plan a holiday.
  90. Keep kids entertained with audio books during car trips.
  91. Study for a food handler’s test.
  92. Be notified by email when items you’ve requested arrive.
  93. Use a computer designed for people with low vision.
  94. Attend events with your child.
  95. Discuss issues of concern with other community members.
  96. Introduce your grandchild to the Library.
  97. Stay in touch with family far away through email.
  98. Show proof of residence and get your own Library card.
  99. Show your kids something new !
  100. Rediscover what you have forgotten !
(Thanks to Hillsboro Public Library)

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