Library Bookmarks – in a nut shell…

Highly-effective targeted promotional bookmarks; designed, produced and distributed throughout the UK.

A massive audience for your promotion.  take a look

Free Library Bookmarks to…
36 million UK Public Library Members
9 million School Children and 1 million FE college students in the UK.
3 million Students and Staff visiting academic libraries 10 million times each month.

  • 27 million people visit UK public libraries every month – 4,500 library points in the UK.
  • Reading books at home is the UK’s fifth most popular pastime ahead of gardening & DIY.
  • More people visit libraries than go to football matches, tourist attractions or museums.
  • 58% of the population are library members (33 million people)
  • 3 million students and staff visiting academic libraries 10 million times each month
  • 9 million school children and 1 million FE college students in the UK

Whether you need to reach just a few thousand homes or an entire nation,
library bookmarks can deliver your message to the heart of the community.

Accurate planning of campaign quantity and duration from comprehensive library usage data.

Geographic, Demographic and Ethnic targeting can be achieved.

From 10-40k promotions targeted locally, through to 1 million+ units distributed nationally.

Your message on one side, library message on the flip side. Advert Size 60 x 210mm.


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