I love my library because…


Libraries are taking on new roles and enjoying a new lease of life!

Library users in Leicestershire were asked why they loved their libraries?

Here are just a few responses: I love my library because…

…it loves me. No seriously the surroundings are good. What a friendly place it is. I’m out of work at the moment and it is great that I can come here to relax, meet people, have a laugh with friends and keep warm. It has a work club which I really benefit from, staff are ready to help and are and have always been willing to go out of their way to help you. I feel part of a good thing.

…everyone makes me feel welcome, I get to talk to someone new and meet new friends, have a go at different activities I wouldn’t probably think about i.e. knitting, sugar crafting and meeting authors at specific events. Thank you to you all.

…without it I couldn’t read all the wonderful books which I love so much.

… it keeps my wife occupied!

…to read the books, relaxes me, to gain sources of knowledge of which has helped me throughout my life. Many thanks for the help of the staff.

…I step through the door and I am no longer in Coalville. I’m in 18th century Britain or a parallel world. The authors provide escape.

…where would we be without books?

…I can’t ever afford to buy all the books I want to read, and how would I ever discover new authors?

…it is full of interesting books, newspapers and has a coffee machine…

…as an elderly pensioner I enjoy the books, they are so nice ordering books for me it makes it an enjoyable social outing when I come in ALL libraries should remain open. Once closed they will never re open when the economy booms again (and it will) we will have no libraries!! Think of the computers they are very important!

… it’s a place where we can come to meet people, use the internet, talk to people, read books, borrow books and DVD’s. it’s a nice friendly place to come and learn different things. I love my library!

…we now have a knitting club on a Friday morning, it is so good a library for lots of things!

…it helped keep my children (now all in their 40’s) amused, educated and quiet – my grand children are now benefiting.

…it’s a peaceful environment, educational and entertaining and most importantly free!

…there is a good choice of books, free to use and good staff. Opening hours suit nicely.

…the staff here is marvelous and always happy. I use the net most days when I can and the staff make me feel welcome.

… you can get cheap DVD hires and knitting group. Very good staff free book hire. Clean and tidy.

…it’s a safe place for my teenager to get great books and feel independent.

…you can get books for free, knitting group is held there, source of information and support. Children can get all the books they want to read and find new authors. We love our library!

 Thanks to Leicestershire County Council’s  ‘Communities and Wellbeing Service’ for this survey.

The comments above were featured in Nigel Powlson’s encouraging article
the Leicester Mercury’s “Culture” magazine Feb/March 2013


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