Library facts

tallTake a look at The Reading Agency’s statistics: 

  • 4,265 UK library service points serving local communities
  • 306,591 million visits to public libraries
  • 4,849 visits per 1,000 of the population
  • 76% of 5-10 year olds and 39% of adults visited a public library in the last year.
  • 43,365 computer terminals in libraries with library catalogue and internet access.
  • 97,721 million visits to library websites
  • 40 new libraries opening in 2012 and 2013

The last ten years have seen a profound re-imagining of libraries’ reading service… 

  • Public libraries lend 278.5 million books a year
  • This breaks down into: 96.5 million children’s books; 129.9 million adult fiction; 61 million adult non-fiction
  • There are 11.4 million active borrowers
  • The UK’s busiest library is the Norwich Millennium, which had 1,343,828 visitors in 2011-12, issuing 1,184,435 books and other items over 12 months

Libraries work!


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