It’s never been so popular…

66% of us read in our free time, making reading more popular than gardening. the cinema, theatres, concerts and DIY.
Reading has never been so popular, and use of digital e-readers and such has made it even more accessible. 

But what of the book, the well-thumbed novel? and who uses bookmarks and how often might they use them?

The number one book accessory, that both marks a page and promotes your brand!

Our survey shows 92% of book-readers would use a bookmark. On average they see their bookmarks more than 7 times a week! 

At Central Community Press,  ‘Bookmark People’ – we manage and drive your Bookmark Campaigns through Public Libraries, Schools, Colleges and Universities.


Typical local campaigns:

UK Public Libraries:
A local authority with a population of 550,000 people, served by 59 library sites, attracts more than 3,000,000 annual visits. That’s a whopping 250,000 visits a month!
Readers pick up and take home 20,000 Library Bookmarks every 4-6 weeks.

UK Primary Schools:
A small local authority would typically have 10,000 primary school children in 50 schools. Each one of the 10,000 school children would receive bookmark and take it straight home to mum!

“an effective way of getting a clear message across to a wider audience beyond those you would normally be able to reach… in some instances even five-year-olds! Thanks again”
North Lanarkshire Child Protection Committee 

“My son loved the colourful bookmark with the animals he insisted in using it that night at reading time”
Primary School Mum

While digital media is becoming more prevalent, books are still alive and flicking!

Bookmarks are still an indispensable part of reading, and are a highly effective, long-life business advertising medium.

The number one book accessory that both marks a page and promotes your brand!



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