Libraries love bookmarks…

Libraries do love bookmarks and are always asking us for more!

Library Bookmarks are sometimes needed immediately, such as the above, with no time to secure sponsoring backing, however these opportunities are always available for sponsorship.

The sponsor’s promotion would obviously reach the same valuable audience, through library outreach activities.

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58 % of the population are library members
40 % of population are active library users
48 % library users visit at least once a month

76% of 5-10 year olds and 39% of adults visited a public library in the last year. 

BookAndBookmarkSmall76 % of children aged 5 to 10
71.6 % of children aged 11 to 15
36.2 % of young people aged 16-24
1 in 3 adults aged 16-74
34.4% of those aged 75+

43 % of adults aged 65-74
34 % of people aged 75+

To reserve the next campaign for your message just get in touch!


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