Answers to a few questions…

How long do bookmarks stay in each library?

Unless a campaign has an ‘expiry date’ the libraries’ bookmarks are displayed and distributed until they have run out. Bookmarks are distributed to each local library in quantities pro-rata to footfall.
The most common visitor cycle is 9 times a year, so a medium weight bookmark display period is designed to last for at least 6 weeks.
Significantly: Bookmarks are far more powerful AFTER they have been picked up and taken home when they are seen time and time again for weeks.

Are they placed with other Bookmarks?

We offer all libraries dispensers so that several bookmarks can be displayed simultaneously. 
Significantly: distribution of “Library Bookmarks” is driven by the libraries’ desire and enthusiasm to maximise their own promotion on the flip-side, by reaching as many people as possible. So bookmarks may be expressly offered to visitors, also sent to schools, used in outreach campaigns in shopping centres for example.

Are there any case studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of this format?

Download current Case Studies here: Case Studies
Specifically: Nottingham Road Safety campaign – aimed at older people, where “Well over half of all the correct returns received were from bookmarks (58.7%), while magazines & leaflets between them generated little more than one fifth of the all responses (22%).”

Do you know the percentage of people by age that visit libraries? 

Children visiting libraries People
77 % of children aged 5-10
71 % of children aged 10-15
Adults visiting libraries

40 % of people aged 16-24
40 % of people aged 25-44
39 % of people aged 45-64
Older people visiting libraries
39 % of people aged 65-74
32 % of people aged 75+

All figures from “The National Survey of Culture, Leisure and Sport Adult and Child Report 2009/2010”  and Taking Part 2012/13 Quarter 2

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