Which story do you prefer?

Jules P. Richards

Film or Book? Book or Film? Film…? Book?  Which story do you prefer?  There’s only one way to find out!

As you are probably aware, the excellent book Life of Pi by Yann Martel, has been made into an excellent film.

Two different animals!? …what’s the best experience?

One experienced over a matter of days, the reading experience is different for many, some jump in with both feet (emotion and reason) and “live the read”, some play with a book like an amusing toy, some flash through it with the need for speed.

One intensely experienced over an hour or so, focused, immersive and super-sensory…

Here are links to two reviewers that I follow: one of the book, and one of the film

Which story do you prefer?


book review:

…in between the pages of books: book review



film review:

…I am not left handed either:


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2 Responses to Which story do you prefer?

  1. There was no contest for me – the book was riveting, the film was OK. I always read the book before seeing the film as the book is usually, for me, the best version of a story. There are always exceptions though.

  2. Agree, the book is so much more.
    The film is vary good – a different experience, incomparable to the/a book really.
    Apart from the book’s detail and nuances, the book is heavier, it;s longer, it’s more details, it’s alive, it’s ongoing, it’s return-to-able…
    PS I guess it might also have sumpt to do with how much you visualise what you read…

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