Library Bookmarks

LibDesignsTWIRLAs ever, public libraries are making good use of the humble yet effective “library bookmark”.
More than a leaflet or flyer, libraries have reported that during outreach activities on the high-street, people have chosen bookmarks over flyers – it seems they are perceived as useful and not throwaway – they get the message across and are kept, used and valued. 

·  27 million people visit UK public libraries every month – 4,500 library points in the UK.
·  Reading books at home – UK’s fifth most popular pastime ahead of gardening & DIY.
·  More people visit libraries than go to football matches, tourist attractions or museums.
·  58% of the population are library members (33 million people)

This year is typical, public libraries are using bookmarks as an outreach medium and here’s a selection of library campaigns produced over January-May this year:



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