North Lanarkshire Libraries – ‘Encounters’

For many years North Lanarkshire Libraries have made great use of their promotional Library Bookmarks. As a direct result, the advertisers who appear on the bookmarks have derived excellent value from their investment, and many use the this method of communication year on year.


Throughout this summer the libraries will be promoting email sign-up, so you can make sure you’re among the first to hear news about Encounters events and activities!  Encounters is North Lanarkshire’s October cultural festival “the widest range ever of arts and cultural events, workshops and performances in North Lanarkshire for children, young people and adults” with specific  Focus on Families days.

This year’s bookmarks are engagingly shaped as little wallet-able flip-phones.

“Mum, there’s someone on the phone!”

MumPhoneThe libraries see 34,000 visitors a week to their 24 sites. The 20,000 bookmarks are handed out at Bookbug and Chatterbook groups which attract families, as well as distribution through leisure centres, community education centres, Council HQs, cafes, community centres, colleges, theatres, and concert halls.

As a result the message from North Lanarkshire Family Information Service also reaches their key audience.

The FIS are promoting their website with information on all aspects of childcare and children’s services and details on how to apply for Free Nursery Places.

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