Want to reach school children?

Educational bookmarks delivered to school children.

‘We were delighted with the response to our Bookmark campaign we ran in 2012. They were well received by school children in Oxfordshire, with lots of positive comments. We also had some schools ringing us up asking for more bookmarks. On the back of the campaign we saw a 9.6% increase in the number of Oxfordshire schools visiting the Park.’  A Fletcher , Marketing – Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens


Your advert seen by selected school children, or college students.
You choose the school type, age range and location!


Advertise on educational bookmarks – distributed through all UK schools!
Bookmarks available for each student!

“When I entered reception today all the children were chatting about the animal bookmarks they found on their desk, there was much excitement and the children loved them” Primary School Mum

“My son loved the colourful bookmark with the animals he insisted in using it that night at reading time” Primary School Mum

Bookmarks into schools are proving to be a huge success for clients!!


Photo taken taken by the subject leader at Alwyn Infant School in Maidenhead.

Having completed successful test activity for Rachel Burgess at Legoland – here is a picture from the Primary Advisor for Windsor & Maidenhead Schools.
The children in the picture are using the curriculum “measuring” side of the Legoland bookmark in school which is exactly what we want! Rachel says the test activity has gone really well and she is now looking at running more activity across a wider areas.

Your message on one side, educational content designed by NACE on the flip-side.
Bookmark People is proud to be working in partnership with  to deliver responsible advertising messages to children and students in all UK schools. ‘National Association for Able Children in Education’ has specialised in supporting teachers in providing teaching and learning for able, gifted and talented pupils for over 28 years.

First appointed to the COI Framework as an approved supplier 2005, Bookmark People now offers a totally flexible route to the school environment.

For more details contact John Kirk.


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