Sheffield Libraries and Smokefree Sheffield

sheff“Thanks – the bookmarks really are great” said Karen Wallace the Information Library Officer at Sheffield Libraries.

Sheffield libraries make great use of their promotional Library Bookmarks. As a direct result, the advertisers who appear on the bookmarks have derived excellent value from their investment – many use the this method of communication year on year.


On these bookmarks the libraries are promoting key library services and their 24-hour online facilities.

Sheffield’s 35 library sites see more than 108,000 visitors a fortnight. 

Librarians have said “They are fab”. They report that the bookmarks “go really quickly” with sites often asking for more as they are really popular with library users. 

“They are great for handing to customers when they take books out… it’s easily explain what our 24/7 services are”

“Customers are always asking for bookmarks”


As a result, the message from Smokefree Sheffield also reaches their key audience.

With an engaging friendly image, Smokefree Sheffield are promoting their smoking cessation services, offering FREE, confidential advice at over 100 venues across the city. They can be reached by phone, SMS Text, or the website or Facebook link.
The bookmark also features a QR code which takes smartphone users straight to web material and contact info.


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