Road Safety

Library bookmarks reach all sections of the community, but children and parents are a specific group that are big library users! Of course distribution directly into schools reaches straight to the pupils and in-turn taken home to mum and dad.

Road safety campaigns have often featured on bookmarks highlighting issues such as:
seatbelts, speed limits, laws, school-crossings etc.


DropCardThe ‘reaction tester’ bookmark is a novel tool that can be played with to illustrate ‘reaction times’. One child holds it and the other needs to catch it before it falls – distracted? Do they react in time?

Other promotions have highlighted visibility on dark evenings, Green Cross Code and cycle safety etc.  Whatever your remit our creative team will be happy to work up draft ideas that engagingly target your aims. Just call!

“How many cyclists can you spot?”


Of course we have also feature Fire Safety and many other community welfare ‘safety’ campaigns.

Your message, taken home on bookmarks! Just call!!


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