That’s entertainment!

The Bookmark People have produced a number of successful campaigns for entertainment venues throughout the country – making great use of school and library promotional bookmarks.

Planning for summer, spring, autumn or winter holidays?


For example, we’ve repeated bookings for:

Bradford Theatres’ Panto – the Alhambra!
October 2013 60,000 Aladdin promotions distributed through Bradford & Leedslibraries and Wakefield & Kirklees Primary Schools
October 2012 60,000 Cinderella promotions distributed through Bradford libraries and Leeds, Wakefield & Kirklees Primary Schools

Cotswold Wildlife Park – we’re all going to the zoo!
Last year, Spring 2012 80,000 Wildlife Park promotions were distributed through Oxfordshire and Bristol Primary Schools.
This year we planned: 190,000 Wildlife Park promotions distributed through B’ham, Warks, Worcs, Glos & Swindon Primary Schools.

Why was Cinderella such a poor football player ?
She had a pumpkin for a coach !
What’s big, beautiful, grey and wears glass slippers ?
Cinderellephant !



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  1. Very exciting! There are so many places that one can promote their message via bookmarks. Bookmark marketing is often overlooked as a great channel.

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