Bookmarks or postcards…

BookAndBookmarkSmallWe’ve mentioned before that our distributors have registered a preference for bookmarks – while giving away flyers and bookmarks as part of street outreach, it was found that more bookmarks were taken than flyers – bookmarks are useful, they have a value, they benefit the user, people identify with them.
A promotion is less of an ‘advert’ more of a ‘feature’.
As paulyk83 at ties2tastic insightfully puts it “bookmark can be thought of as a gift”.

Distribution: remember, with Bookmark People ‘distribution’ is the key element – you derive great value from our managed targeted distribution via schools, libraries and/or universities.

There’s a casual fun poll here:


  • 63%  501 chose bookmarks
  • 28%  218 chose postcards
  • 9%  71 chose neither

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