Localised campaigns

The Bookmark People, have established coverage for the whole of the UK, we’ll also produce regional and tailored distribution – however their speciality is to produce effective campaigns for localised distributors.  Some examples:


Local Care Home backs 10,000 Library Bookmarks and requests that their message be distributed through 2 specific library sites in Surrey.
Local Optician backs 20,000 Library Bookmarks and sees their message distributed through 12 specific library sites in Wiltshire.

The regional Safeguarding Children Board see their messages on 40,000 bookmarks, distributed via all of North Lanarkshire’s 24 library sites and further afield.
NL Libraries’ see 1,773,102 visits a year, that’s more than 65,000 a fortnight.


Smoke Free Sheffield promotes their Cessation Services via 20,000 Library Bookmarks distributed through all of Sheffield’s 35 library sites – they see more than 105,000 visits a fortnight.


The Brighton Centre saw their summer Skate Rink attraction promoted on 20,000 library bookmarks distributed via the 14 library sites and other outreach during the summer holidays – this included the Summer Reading Challenge which sees high numbers of school children participating!

Just 5 examples of which more can be seen here: Example Campaigns

From local banks, businesses, supermarkets, attractions, high-street shops, through to Social Services, Fostering and National Government campaigns, they all use Library Bookmarks to see their message get taken home, and read!

Whatever your profile we can organise and tailor a campaign that suits your ambitions.

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