A focus on recycling…


Recycling and environmental service promotions have always made great use of library bookmarks to reinforce their message. Children and parents are big library users -and of course the retired, older people, as well as hard-to-reach groups – 5 million people use our libraries every week!

It’s acknowledged that distributors’ have registered a preference for bookmarks  – bookmarks are useful, they have a value, they benefit the user, people identify with them.
A promotion is less of an ‘advert’ more of a ‘feature’ – bookmarks can be thought of as a gift.


Distribution: remember, with Bookmark People ‘distribution’ is the key element – you derive great value from managed targeted distribution via schools, libraries and/or universities.


Here’s an example where Sandwell’s NEW blue lid bin service was featured and distributed with the libraries’ ebooks and 21st Century libraries promotional campaigns.

20,000 library bookmarks were distributed but Sandwell’s 19 library sites and other various forms of outreach. Sandwell Libraries see 58,000 visits a fortnight.

See your message taken home, and read – time and again.

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