Focus on Public Health

Public Health teams have always seen Library Bookmarks as an ideal cost-effective vehicle to compliment their other promotional media streams.
The library audience ranges from toddlers and parents through to the retired. It includes hard-to-reach groups and the more off-grid community members.

Messages covering; Smoking Cessation, Vaccination, Weight Control, Healthy Eating, Environmental Health, to name but a few, have for a long time seen the value of reaching library users:

58 % of the population are library members
40 % of population are active library users
48 % library users visit at least once a month

76% of 5-10 year olds, 71.6 % of children aged 11 to 15 and 39% of adults…
43 % of adults aged 65-74 and 34 % of people aged 75+ …
visited a public library in the last year.



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