Supermarkets support the libraries

SupermarketLibrariesBookmark People have produced projects that have seen supermarkets backing their local libraries in many parts of the UK.

The supermarkets back the Libraries’ Bookmarks and in turn reach the valuable loyal library audience.


Rugby Public Library
saw 30,000 bookmarks distributed, coinciding with
a new library site opening. 

Kings Lynn and Gaywood Libraries saw 10,000 bookmarks promoting Opening Hours for two library sites.
 “.. the bookmarks are proving popular… attractive, bright and cheerful.  People have also commented that they will have to try out the new {supermarket} shop in town.”
Library Manager at Kings Lynn

Gillingham and Shaftesbury Libraries saw 10,000 bookmarks promoting Opening Hours for two sites.
“the bookmarks are already proving very popular with customers.” Library Manager

Torbay Libraries saw 10,000 bookmarks promoting Opening Hours for four sites
Torquay, Paignton, Brixham and Churston Libraries 12,000 visits a week over 4 sites.
“Everyone is delighted with the new bookmarks, thank, you – and they have been distributed across the branches in Torbay. In particular I would like to mention the speed and efficiency of service provided…” Torbay Libraries

Typical take-up from
a single branch library site:

Kings Lynn Library with only 3000 visitors a week – reported 1000 bookmarks take-up over 3 weeks in July.  9000 visits / 1000 bms equates to one in nine visitors taking home a bookmark.


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