A selection of campaigns – 2013

SquareofPicsThroughout 2013 many sponsors have realised investments in targeted bookmark campaigns. As mentioned libraries and schools across the country made great use of their bookmarks last year.  Their bookmarks have always been recognised as a valuable tool to share news and educate readers with new services, campaigns and initiatives.  Bookmarks are also recognised for their intrinsic value as a tool, a gift; an object that can be used. People pick them up“it was the bookmarks that people took… and does a dual job, bookmark as well.”


Targeted campaigns:

We’re reaching young families, teenagers, older people, mothers, and ‘hard to reach groups’.


A selection of promotions can be seen here

Free Library Bookmarks to…

  • 27 million people visit UK public libraries every month – 4,500 UK library points.
  • More people visit libraries than go to football matches, tourist attractions or museums.
  • 58% of the population are library members (33 million people)

A selection of last year’s promotions can be seen here


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