Reading takes you further…

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Children who read for pleasure are likely to do better in maths and English, research suggests. The study, indicated reading for pleasure was more important to a child’s development than how educated their parents were. See more here: Institute of Education, London University

Yes, reading takes you further and public libraries are an invaluable free resource!
Check Booktrust’s tips for reading together – sharing books with your child.

3 of 4 children use the local library  … they all go to school!
Library and Educational Bookmarks reach further

PT2NACE76% of 5-10 year olds and 39% of adults
visited a public library in the last year.

  • 76 % of children aged 5 to 10
  • 71% of children aged 11 to 15
  • 36 % of young people aged 16-24
  • 39% adults aged 16-74
  • 43 % of adults aged 65-74
  • 34 % of people aged 75+ 

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