What can you see? In the classroom.

“The bookmarks were excellent. The children used them to help them make the links between fractions and decimals.” Holy Trinity Church of England Academy, Calne

“Thanks for the bookmarks.  The children are using them for revision for their upcoming SATs.  They felt they were very useful.” Bellefield Primary School

“The children were very impressed with the bookmarks.  We are always looking for new ways to get the children excited about maths and the bookmarks did the trick.  They are all using them in their reading books and most are using them as a tool during maths lessons.” Christ the King Junior School Wilts.

“The bookmarks we received were given out to our KS2 children as we felt it was best suited to their needs. Both children and teachers loved the dual purpose of a bookmark/ruler/reminder for an eye check.” Cherhill C of E Primary School

“The bookmarks are great.  The staff grabbed them and commented how useful they will be” Whitesheet CE Primary School

The latest campaign by Haine and Smith Opticians in Wiltshire has realised the value of the Educational Bookmarks that we publish in regions throughout the UK.



We’ve featured a What can you see? word-search puzzle on 20,000 NACE educational bookmarks distributed to 84 specific primary schools in Wiltshire. The H&S sponsoring promotion will reach 20,000 primary school children.

The National Association for Able Children in Education specialise in supporting teachers in providing teaching and learning for able, gifted and talented pupils.

Supported by NACE, Bookmark People have designed and produced these Handy Measure bookmarks. These beautifully simple and effective bookmarks are created to stimulate and challenge young children.


Schools & parents love the bookmarks: thanks!

Bookmark People is proud to be working in partnership with NACE to deliver responsible advertising messages to children and students in all UK schools.

’National Association for Able Children in Education’ has specialised in supporting teachers in providing teaching and learning for able, gifted and talented pupils for 30 years.
First appointed to the COI Framework as an approved supplier 2005, Bookmark People now offers a totally flexible route to the school environment.



As part of this promotion we’ve employed a simple word-search puzzle.

We have found that bookmarks are seen as a gift something to use. The puzzle simply creates interactivity with the subject matter and therefore engagement with the promotion.

You can see other examples of interactive campaigns here:

Something to play with…




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