Focus on Energy…

Of course every week, millions of people request, reserve, renew & enjoy their books, CDs & DVDs from their local library!  They know it feels good to have reducedreused and recycled

Over the years we’ve featured various ‘energy’ related promotions on local library bookmarks.


WestDunbaryonsEnergyLibWho uses the libraries? It might be argued that library users might tend to be more conscientious and discerning and ‘the environment’ and ‘savings’ might come high up on their agenda.

The libraries reach a wide spectrum of people from parents and toddlers to the retired and older people.

Leaving your message with library users on the ever popular library bookmarks is a great way to reach home!

Give us a call to find out more 0116 210 1441.

There’s 5 million people in public libraries this week.





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