Crafty creations

LoomBandGirlThe library has always been a place to engender creativity.

It’s a place where creators young and old can discover new ideas; through books and arts and crafts information or even through hands-on events!

Encouraging children to do make things helps to start exercising the young creative mind.

Loombands are just a start! 🙂


This loom band bookmark’s just an idea that currently appeals to children big and small.

Promote your library – it’s part of the service.  “Join the library, it’s FREE!”

Why promote the library? Promotion is simply part of good customer care.

Why promote your services? Promotion is key to helping those who are not sure what they want, find something they are willing to try.
Why promote your services? To offer opportunities for readers to discover more and share their experiences.
Why promote your services? To increase people’s confidence and enjoyment.
Why promote your services? To  raise the status of the library as service and venue.
Why promote your services? To open up education, information, entertainment  choices. 

If we can help you in any way, just shout!


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