If you like her, you may like these…

EMAuthorListFor more than 14 years the Bookmark People been helping libraries promote their services on their bespoke library bookmarks.

For example; London Borough of Ealing libraries recently made good use of their bookmarks through their 13 library sites… (they see ~55,000 visits a fortnight).
Staff are giving bookmarks to parents at nursery groups, sharing bookmarks with teenagers in high school, and children at primary schools. Giving away though community activities such as Refugee Week and the Summer Reading Challenge.

You can see here how libraries across the country have been using our bookmarks.

Reader Development Author Lists

A recent example of a reader development bookmark campaign for local libraries.

Of course, many libraries use their bookmarks to promote reading as well as the other services on offer (DVDs, Internet, electronic resources, Education, Ancestry, Music etc) .

If you liked Potter? Dan Brown? Bridget Jones? Why not try…


Lists of authors by genres help people discover authors they may not have noticed.


Libraries have featured local authors on bookmarks, we used a word-search puzzle to engage with readers on Birmingham Community Libraries bookmarks!


Various libraries feature book lists such as ‘Top Ten Teen Reads’, locally voted ‘Book Awards’, and community festivals.


Libraries have featured recommended reads, festivals, books from films, children’s reading, food, health, fitness and much more.

Any questions just call Jules on 0116 210 1441, or email jules @ bookmarkpeople.com



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