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Who uses the library? Check out The Reading Agency’s stats:

  • There are 4,134 public libraries including mobiles in the UK
  • There are 288,044,000 visits to public libraries per year
  • This means 4,522 visits per 1,000 of the population
  • There are 42,914 computer terminals in libraries with internet access
  • 40 new libraries opened in 2012 and 2013

CruddasPark-0351W250We previously featured this post Who’s using Libraries? that helps illustrate the real nature of libraries -being used regularly by many people, seeking real information, education and entertainment.

Well here are another three:

3readersA typical example where dad, dog and daughters visit the library once every two or three weeks.
They say they visit “on Saturday mornings when the books need renewing, we pick a new selection for the forthcoming weeks”.
They tell us; AJ picks things related to her homework and dancing or horses, PT picks anything Dr Suessy or Winnie the Witchish and dad picks another book to escape into… The dog wonder’s what’s going on!
As an example; in Leicestershire (population >600k), residents make about 3.5 million visits a year to their libraries. that’s more than 130,000 visits a fortnight.

For more than 14 years, libraries across the UK have been keenly using our library bookmarks to share promote new services and reach their users.

Why promote the libraries services?

  • Promotion is simply part of good customer care.
  • Promotion is key to helping those who are not sure what they want, find something they are willing to try.
  • To offer opportunities for readers to discover more and share their experiences.
  • To increase people’s confidence and enjoyment.
  • To  raise the status of the library as service and venue.
  • To open up education, information, entertainment  choices.

BookAndBookmarkSmallYou can benefit from this exclusive reach –
by backing libraries’ bookmarks…
see your message taken home!

  • Penetrative: personally owned and engaging.
  • Persistent: a functional tool referred to time and again.
  • Persuasive: credible association with reliable and highly esteemed public facility.

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