August – a selection…

Here’s just a selection of campaigns delivered this month:

Milton Keynes Libraries are distributing their bookmarks promoting their eBooks, Online Newspaper and Business Database services and and volunteering opportunities.
The sponsorship investment from Smokefree Milton Keynes sees their smoking cessation message distributed on 20,000 bookmarks. Milton Keynes Libraries see more than 48,000 visits a fortnight.


North Lanarkshire Libraries’ bookmarks are publicising their Console Games, their Digital Connections Courses, their Book Groups and their DVD provision.

The libraries see 34,000 visitors a week to their 24 sites.  The backing sponsorship promoting GIRFEC – Getting It Right For Every Child features on 30k bookmarks. These library bookmarks will be handed out through libraries and library groups as well as distributed through leisure centres, community education centres, Council HQ, cafes, community centres, colleges, theatres, and concert halls.


In Birmingham the community libraries have promoted the Black Family Reading Project as well as their volunteering opportunities. The backing sponsorship from Electoral Registration sees the ‘Individual Registration’ message feature in 20,000 bookmarks. The libraries see more than 160,000 visits a fortnight.
In Cheshire East we’ve seen a localised campaign that see’s Poynton Library utilising 5000 bespoke library bookmarks backed by the new-look ASDA store.


Sandwell Libraries have used their bookmarks to promote their Summer Reading activites, theirStory Players services for children and a special commemorative bookmark to help commemorate the centenary of World War One, and to help publicise their local history and archives collections. The backing sponsorship from Electoral Services sees their ‘Individual Registration’ message feature in 20,000 bookmarks. Sandwell libraries see more than 58,000 visits a fortnight.


Libraries in Warrington, Waltham Forest, Thurrock and other places have made great use of bookmarks sponsored by local Healthwatch messages.  You can see other healthwatch features here:


Libraries throughout the UK are keenly making great use of their own Library Bookmarks. As an example, Ealing’s Libraries see more than 55,000 visits a fortnight. Their bookmarks are being made available at 13 library sites… as well as:

  • Staff are giving bookmarks to parents at nursery groups.
  • Libraries are sharing bookmarks with teenagers through high school visits.
  • Activities such as Refugee Week has seen bookmarks being shared with participants and visitors.
  • This year’s TRA Summer Reading Challenge will saw visits to primary schools where the bookmarks will be shared with to the children.

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