A simple gift, that can do a important job.

ManReadingAn important job done by a simple gift.
You like to be given things!

Libraries continue to make good use of promotional bookmarks in many ways – we’ve heard from libraries who have said:
“As they were so small and easy to see what they were, not many were refused. We had lots of positive feedback, we had other leaflets but it was the bookmarks that people took, …it is small, obvious what it is and does a dual job! Community Libraries, Liverpool

Print can be powerful – The Drum’s ‘Paper & Print Focus’ highlights:

“Print brings a physical and emotional connection to a brand and can make a recipient feel special and valued. Arjowiggins Creative Papers 

“print lives in the physical world it isn’t consumed in the same way or quite often at the same time as its competing digital platforms” Liaison Print Management

“Printed paper will always carry a sense of prestige; it has qualities you just can’t replicate on screen… when you’re given a printed piece it makes you want to cherish it even more.” Fedrigoni papers

“Print… adds value to any marketing campaign. …something that the end-user can hold, feel and sometimes even smell. It is tactile and has longevity, which enables it to grab attention, capture the imagination and ‘stick’ in the memory of the recipient.
Canon Europe

Our library bookmarks reach into the home and are kept by readers, read and reread…


You can be part of that, with YOUR MESSAGE reaching readers at a point where they are ready, relaxed and receptive…

Call John to find out more 0116 210 1441.


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