Focus on Fire Safety

burnOf course Fire Safety has often featured on our public library projects highlighting issues such as: candles, smoke alarms, stop-drop-and-roll, fire kills, hoax calls etc.

Many other community welfare ‘safety’ messages have also been featured: see here

BandHoveBooksAn example here where Brighton and Hove Libraries reach out to people who can’t reach the library. Their Home Delivery Service is promoted to people who are housebound, their relatives and also potential HDS volunteers.

The Home Safety and Health and Wellbeing Visits from East Sussex Fire and Rescue (Brighton and Hove) is also promoted to the same audience.

firelady2014Library bookmarks reach all sections of the community, but children and parents are a specific group that are big library users! Of course distribution directly into schools reaches straight to the pupils and in-turn taken home to mum and dad.

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