Reading is good for you…

…so say Cornwall’s libraries!   So say all libraries…  and so say all of us!

CornwallHWAs elsewhere, Cornwall’s made great use of their library bookmark campaigns backed by Healthwatch Cornwall.

Cornwall’s bookmarks promote the health and well being benefits of reading.

Healthwatch Cornwall are backing this and in turn seeing their “You can make a difference” campaign reach 10,000 readers in Cornwall.


CornwallReadGoodForYouA4thuReading is good for you!

  • Reduce stress Get lost in a good novel and take time out of your hectic lifestyle to unwind.
  • Help you sleep Turn off the TV, get into bed, pick up a book and snuggle down.
  • Keep the brain in shape What better way to work out your brain than reading?
  • Improve knowledge Even a fictional novel can teach and inspire you.
  • Health and well being Regular reading is associated with a significant reduction in the risk of dementia.
  • Feeling Reading boosts empathy. Fiction can simulate real-world problems and therefore has real consequences for the reader.
  • Boosts Vocabulary What better way to discover new words?
  • Reading is sexy Reading increases emotional and cognitive experience. It is the ultimate aphrodisiac.
  • Achieve Reading for pleasure helps to improve skills at the same time as increasing enjoyment, self-confidence, motivation and a sense of achievement.

If you would like to discuss a campaign in your part of the country, just give us a shout.

Library and Educationally driven bookmark campaigns.
Realised; designed, produced, and delivered by Bookmark People.
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