Focus on Fraud…

Fraud1We know that public library users range from the young parents through to the older population.

Who visited the library in the last year?

Aged 5-10  11-15  16-24  25-44  45-64  65-74   75+
.          60%    77%    32%     41%     31%     37%    32%

  • ABC1 44%,  C2 25%,  DE 31%

Your message about Benefit Advice, Benefit Fraud, Tax Credits etc have always had a place among library users.

Leaving your message with library users on the ever popular library bookmarks is a great way to reach home!

Benefits14It’s acknowledged that distributors’ have registered a preference for bookmarks  – bookmarks are useful, they have a value, they benefit the user, people identify with them.
A promotion is less of an ‘advert’ more of a ‘feature’ – bookmarks can be thought of as a gift.

Distribution: remember, with Bookmark People ’distribution’ is the key element – you derive great value from managed targeted distribution via libraries, schools and colleges etc.

It needn’t be a puzzle!?

Interactive word searches, crosswords, mazes, spot-the-difference, sudoku, and puzzles call for the reader’s attention and engage the reader deeper with the subject.

BenefitsWSBMYour promotion can simply help raise awareness or it may direct people to your webspace for answers etc. which will obviously achieve website hits, or it could even offer a possible prize or free gift which will generate user data.

QR coded Bookmarks – drive the reader immediately directly to your specific site / offer.

Our Design Studio can create bespoke word searches and crosswords etc specifically designed to meet your needs.

Curvy ones too…!


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