A good book dies…


“A good book dies every time we switch on bad TV…”

Our libraries are good placed to be a beating heart in our communities…

A bit about the idea of a ‘third place‘…  Not the home, not school or work…   …informal meeting places; vital to current societal needs?
“anchors of community life and facilitate and foster broader, more creative interaction”

  • Free or inexpensive
  • Food and drink, while not essential, are important
  • Highly accessible: proximate for many (walking distance)
  • Involve regulars – those who habitually congregate there
  • Welcoming and comfortable
  • Both new friends and old should be found there.

Debatably, the nature of our community is changing.  Community has less to do with geography than our ‘social networks’.  We form community with those who share common interests or concerns.  Is a shared (third) ‘physical’ space vital to our social health and well being?  Our Libraries have arguable always been this in essence.


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