Supermarkets support the libraries, again…

We’ve highlighted before how we’ve produced Library Bookmark Projects that have been backed by local supermarkets in many parts of the UK.


Here’s another selection that not only sees localised distribution but also sees specific campaigns reaching out to local school children.


For example, in Barry, in the Vale of Glamorgan, the libraries are reaching out to local school children -(Welsh Libraries has an ongoing campaign “to provide every primary school child with a FREE library card ) Vale of Glamorgan Libraries are issuing bookmarks promoting the libraries as an ideal resource for Homework Help!


“Mum, I’ve got a new bookmark, can we go to the library?

This young man aged 7 from Barry took his bookmark home! His mum said “I go to the library every week. We love reading and we hire DVDs from the library a lot.”

BarryGemArticleSee the council’s press-release here, and our campaign’s also featured in the local press: The Barry GEM

“The new …store at Barry Waterfront has backed a special library bookmark for every primary school pupil in the area scheme… The bookmarks list services available at Vale libraries — from homework help to e-books. They also act as a handy ruler, and feature a fun maze and word search on the back for children to complete.”


In the coming month we also similarly see libraries in Conwy, Stockport, Cheshire and Hertfordshire making good use of their Library Bookmarks – have we told you before libraries love bookmarks!”?

In keenly backing the Libraries’ Bookmark Campaigns the supermarkets and our other supporters are in turn reaching the valuable loyal library audience. 5 million people in UK libraries this week.

Library and Educationally driven bookmark campaigns.
Realised; designed, produced, and delivered by Bookmark People.


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