Focus on Drugs, Alcohol and Public Health

Drugs and Alcohol awareness and well as many other Public Health related promotions have been a regular feature realising the value of our Library Bookmark distribution.



1751-Warrington-DATThe library audience ranges from toddlers and parents through to the retired. It includes hard-to-reach groups and the more off-grid community members.

For example; Warrington Libraries made great use of bookmarks promoting Job Seeker Resources and their volunteer Home Delivery Service. This saw 20,000 bookmarks carrying alcohol awareness messages from the local DAT.

1724-Brighton-NHSAlcoholAnother example;  In Brighton, the Libraries promoted the release of “The New Encyclopedia of Brighton” with 10,000 Library Bookmarks. This saw Sussex NHS Partnership Trust and CRI feature their Know Your Units promotion.

The Library and Educationally driven bookmarks that we design, produce, and deliver, see promotions take home and read in a receptive frame of mind. Indeed bookmarks are used repeatedly every time readers reach for their favorite read!

Domestic Abuse – another story

We can help you reach people on your locality – give me a call.  Our campaigns cover selected postcodes through to entire regions.  An ideal cost-effective vehicle to compliment other promotional media streams.

There’s 5 million people in public libraries this week!

Give is a call and see how we can reach home for you.  Pick up a good book-mark!

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