Summer Reading! …another challenge

Tom McLaughlin – Summer Reading Challenge Author of the Month

Local Bookmarks – again this year you’re invited to join in with this year’s Reading Agency  #summerreadingchallenge  at your local library!

SRCGirlAs well as the bespoke local library bookmarks that we are creating for libraries across the country, we’re again producing local bookmarks to help promote the Reading Agency’s Summer Reading Challenge.

This year it’s ‘Record Breakers

To find out how we might help you just call.

The Reading Agency’s annual Reading Challenge helps get three quarters of a million children into libraries. It’s designed for all children aged 4 to 11 during the long summer holiday.

2014 was another record year with 839,622 children taking part, a 3.6% increase on participation in 2013.

  • 81,908 children joined the library to take partup 22.7% from last year.
  • 794,801 children aged 4 to 11 took part.
  • An additional 14,621 under 4 year olds took part
  • The Challenge also offers young people aged 12-24 the opportunity to volunteer. This year a record 8,126 volunteers got involved at their local library, representing a staggering 43% uplift from 2013.

To find out how we might help you just call.


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