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STAPhotoWe’ve recently produced bookmarks for Silver Travel Advisor to accompany their monthly magazine which is distributed to ‘travellers aged over 50’.  Silver Travel Advisor is a unique travel reviews, information and advice website.

These bookmarks are backed by sponsorship from the hotel group Luna Hotels promoting specific holidays in the Algarve to the older traveller.

Bookmarks are taken home and read… and re-read

66% of us read in our free time, making reading more popular than… gardening (48%) …going to the cinema (48%)  …theatre and concerts (42%) …DIY (38.5%)

We design and produced Bookmark Campaigns driven and directed by our distributors through Libraries, Schools, Colleges and other related venues.

Low cost: bookmarks ‘taken home’ into ~7 households, for the cost of a 1st class stamp.
Penetrative: personally owned and interactive.
Persistent: a functional tool referred to time and again.
Persuasive: credible association with reliable and highly esteemed public facility.
Clients: many successful campaigns.

Directed Bookmark Campaigns.
Realised; designed, produced, and delivered by Bookmark People.
For further information give us a call 0116 210 1441


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