June… “time flies when you’re having fun”


Since our April post, we’ve been busy with some Travel Advice bookmarks, some reader development design work and more Healthwatch promotions…

Staffordshire Libraries:
Library Bookmarks are being given out from all 44 Staffordshire Libraries’ sites as well as being given out as part of outreach events and meetings elsewhere. The Schools Library Service are using them with outreach to primary school pupils.
Again here we’re using a word-search element to interact with readers. Hence, bookmarks are engaged with, taken home and used for a longer term than other forms of paper media. The post-distribution life of many bookmarks is considerable.

Again we see supermarkets… backing libraries with puzzle features on the back of Leeds’ and Nottingham’s Library Bookmarks. Both Nottingham and Leeds are promoting their services to Children with a great illustration in Leeds and the Reading Agency’s Summer Reading Challenge in Nottingham.

South Gloucestershire Libraries are part of  a great project called ‘time 4 reading’.  We’ve designed bookmarks as part of this.
It’s a long term celebration of reading involving libraries, schools and local businesses to encourage local residents of all ages to make time for reading.

South Gloucestershire Libraries say “Reading is essential to everyday life – it gives us new ideas, helps us understand the world and helps with our health and relationships”

They’re encouraging everyone to take five minutes out of their day to enjoy reading.

You can see other designs we’ve produced that aim to promote reading and the benefits of reading here:

Reading with your child could be one of the most valuable gifts you can give, and receive.


My family and I have read…
The bookmarks ask the readers to help their school work towards awards by reading any of the books their top 100 lists.
Readers simply list the books they’ve read on the bookmarks & return it to their school.

“Parents are the most important reading role models for children and young people”

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Library and Educationally driven bookmark campaigns.
Realised; designed, produced, and delivered by Bookmark People.
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