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The charity Marie Curie needed a long lasting regionally targeted campaign, distributed with no wasted over-spill and within specific budgetary limits, We were able to accordingly create an effective targeted long-term campaign for their Support Line promotion spread over eight specific regions.MarieCuriePile2 Marie Curies promotion features details of their Support Line for people living with terminal illness, and their families.  This promotion is being distributed through Libraries in Liverpool, Cheshire, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds and Durham.  MarieCureLibsMAs always the public libraries embrace their use of bookmarks with enthusiasm, they in turn distribute the sponsoring promotion with equal measure.  We always have libraries ready to make good use of bookmark opportunities!

  • “we always welcome your support & bookmarks! They always prove to be popular” 
  • “We are close to running out of opening hours bookmarks” 
  • “Yes, we are delighted… the bookmarks are ideal to promote our service.”
  • “Bookmarks, yes, especially our e-books, e-audio and other electronic resources”
  • “always grateful for the support you have given. We will definitely be in a position to make good use of your bookmarks in the future”


The Marie Curie message reaches the heart of the community ‘who uses libraries?’, including hard to reach groups. Bookmarks are taken home, often seen as a gift, owned, and used repeatedly.

You can see examples of how libraries use bookmarks on the right. For example check out:

Staffordshire, Leeds, Nottingham, Enfield, Hertfordshire, Redbridge, Lancashire, Walsall, Vale of Glamorgan, and elsewhere


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“The bookmarks are really useful for promotion as we can hand them out … I find that people are more likely to accept practical items as opposed to just promotional leaflets, we can’t thank you enough…” Newcastle Libraries

Library and Educationally driven bookmark campaigns. Created; designed, produced, and delivered by Bookmark People.  For further information give us a call 0116 210 1440.

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