Focus on Fostering and Adoption

For many years Fostering and Adoption services have identified library users as a key targets for their services.


“As they were small and easy to see what they were,
it was the bookmarks that people took”

Liverpool Libraries reported that their bookmarks are proving popular with the public and are a key part of the libraries own marketing strategy…

“All the bookmarks are now available in all the libraries. I asked the staff to put as many in books that are going out as possible…   On Monday a few library staff including me, were in the city centre all day telling the public about our online services and we handed out a box full of bookmarks to passers-by.  As they were so small and easy to see what they were, not many were refused. We had lots of positive feedback, we had other leaflets but it was the bookmarks that people took, especially the 24 hr services one.
In the library it is the Download Library bookmarks that are most useful for advertising the Download Library website and staff are happy to give these out to customers who enquire, again, it is small, obvious what it is and does a dual job, bookmark as well.”

Jacqueline Roberts – Team Leader – Community Libraries

40,000 bookmarks were distributed promotion the libraries’ Audio e-Books & Music and 24hour Library.

In turn the four fostering promotions reached the same target library audience:
Liverpool Libraries 23 library sites see more than 90,000 visits a fortnight

John Keane, Divisional Libraries Manager commented: Thanks to all involved in this – it was a timely refresh for Liverpool Libraries and I am very pleased.

We service Public Libraries nationally – we enable you to reach library users to!

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