Focus on Electoral Registration

Our Bookmarks distributed to library users and students, have been widely used to promote Electoral Registration.  Library are used by a diverse audience that includes ‘Hard To Reach‘ people as well as new families and older people; noting that a significantly large number of older people live ‘off-line’.

ElecRegAgnesThe annual Household Registration Form is another process that can be backed up with a distributed Bookmark promotion.

“Have you completed your Household Enquiry Form?  You should CHECK the DETAILS, SIGN the FORM and RETURN IT.”
Every year the Electoral Register needs updating and every property receives a Household Registration Form.  People need to reply in order to stay on the electoral register even if there are no changes to your form.

We also featured Electoral Registration and (IER) on bookmarks in many areas prior to the 2015 General Election.

For example: a public library and a university campaign combination:
We’ve featured Electoral Registration notices on bookmarks for Lincolnshire Libraries and also the Student Services at the University of Lincoln. This sees 15,000 bookmarks distributed to university students and 5,000 bookmarks distributed the library users in the Lincoln area.


BirminhamElectionsBookOur Birmingham and Tower Hamlets Libraries’ campaigns are two examples where Electoral Registration promotions have made great use of our local library bookmarks to reach detached voters.
We see Birmingham Community Libraries are promoting their volunteering opportunities as well as their Black Family Reading Project. Tower Hamlets’ Libraries are promoting their online and loan-renewal services.
The Electoral Registration message is being given to and left with library users.

Hard-to-reach groups use libraries as well as parents and older people – 5 million people use libraries every week!


It’s acknowledged that distributors’ have registered a preference for bookmarks  – bookmarks are useful, they have a value, they benefit the user, people identify with them.
A promotion is less of an ‘advert’ more of a ‘feature’ – bookmarks can be thought of as a gift.

ElecRegStudentsDistribution: remember, with Bookmark People ’distribution’ is the key element – you derive great value from managed targeted distribution via libraries schools and colleges etc.

Here’s just three examples where Electoral Registration messages have been distributed as part of promotional bookmark campaigns.


Southwark Libraries distributed 20,000 Library Bookmarks promoting ‘Recommended Reads’ and carried a Make Your Mark – Join The Voters’ List promotion.  Lambeth Libraries sees more than 69,000 visits a fortnight.

Huddersfield College gave out 20,000 College Bookmarks promoting its Student Services. This carried a Register to Vote message to the students. The college sees about 3000 full-time and 17,000 part-time students.

Lambeth Libraries promoted its Reward Card Scheme on 20,000 Library Bookmarks and carried a “No Vote, No Voice…” promotion. Lambeth libraries sees more than 49,000 visits a fortnight.

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