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Jules P. Richards

For the last 15+ years, I have worked for Bookmark People. They service Public Libraries throughout the UK creating bespoke promotional bookmarks that reinforce libraries’ outreach and promotional campaigns.

#LoveLibraries is the watchword… see more here: Bookmark People

We are always highlingting the value of libraries to the community as well as indivuiduals. I recently came across a neat piece by the University of Virginia LibraryWhat Happens After Opening A Book?“.
After the spate of “what happens after drinking a can of Coke”, “what happens after eating a Big Mac” type IGs,  University of Virginia Library produced a clever infographic “detailing what happens to a person when you consume a book?”

And so …

What happens in the hour* after
you visit your library? *and onwards…”

VisitYourLibraryLR For a printable PDF of the above image click link below – feel free to share (with credit)

 What happens PDF feel free…

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