Bookmarks are us, we are Bookmarks – We bookmark people …

For 16 years I supplied virtually every public library in the UK with their own bespoke tailored Library Bookmarks.  Alas, ‘Bookmark People’ is no longer able to fulfil demand and so regrettably we hung up our boots in Spring 2016.

‘Bookmark People’ designed, produced and delivered,  unrivalled value for money bookmarks; distributing to libraries, schools and universities throughout the UK – it’s what we do!

Bookmarks are gifted, taken home by readers and read in a receptive environment.
People love books,  #LoveLibraries and love their bookmarks.



JPR300From bananas to World War One, children’s designs to puzzling puzzles… we can create a design that celebrates your ambitions and shares your message – it’s simple, just ‘bookmark people’.



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