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We ‘Bookmark’ People…

It’s simple, we manage driven bookmark campaigns through Public Libraries and Primary Schools and Higher Education. Realised; designed, produced, and delivered by Bookmark People. For further information give Jules a call 0116 210 1441. Advertisements

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Library Projects – 15 years, 4 billion visits…

Bookmark People is 15 years young this year! Mid-teens, an exciting age!? You’ll hopefully be aware of the handy bookmarks that Public Libraries and others gift out to reach both their current & potential users. We have produced hundreds of promotional bookmark campaigns tailored to … Continue reading

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An apple a day, keeps the doctor away… (a good book can also help!)

A good book can be good for you… and our libraries know that better than most! Public Libraries’ Health and Well-being collections are frequently promoted using their promotional bookmarks. You can see a selection of Health campaigns here: Health and Wellbeing Library Bookmark … Continue reading

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Bookmarks or postcards…

We’ve mentioned before that our distributors have registered a preference for bookmarks – while giving away flyers and bookmarks as part of street outreach, it was found that more bookmarks were taken than flyers – bookmarks are useful, they have … Continue reading

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Printed Media

A recent article from The Drum’s Print and Paper Focus Supplement comments on the merits of good print use and print’s complementary role in an ever pixelating digital world. Print now has to complete with new technologies by improving tried and … Continue reading

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Reading is one of our most popular pastimes

66% of us read in our free time, making reading more popular than… gardening (48%) …going to the cinema (48%)  …theatre and concerts (42%) …DIY (38.5%) Your message, taken home…

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Ooh… if YOU COULD take a billboard home…

On average, readers see their bookmarks 7.75* times a week… Ask us if you’re interested. 27 million people visit UK public libraries every month – 4,500 library points in the UK. Reading books at home – UK’s fifth most popular pastime … Continue reading

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