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Focus on Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation and Smoke Free campaigns have also recognised the value of Library Bookmarks: a cost-effective promotional vehicle that can compliment, other promotional media streams. Some examples: Sheffield Libraries have promoted their 24 Hour Libraries & “Did You Know…?” on their Library … Continue reading

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Libraries and Healthwatch

For a long while local Healthwatch services have been making good use of the public libraries’ position at the heart of our community.  As you know our libraries keenly use their library bookmarks to share news and promote initiatives to library … Continue reading

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Focus on Mental Health…

Of course libraries are a great place where information about our ‘health‘ and well-being can be found. Many clients have chosen to invest in library bookmarks as a vehicle to sharing ‘health‘ messages. As well as general health issues, IAPT ( Improving Access to … Continue reading

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An apple a day, keeps the doctor away… (a good book can also help!)

A good book can be good for you… and our libraries know that better than most! Public Libraries’ Health and Well-being collections are frequently promoted using their promotional bookmarks. You can see a selection of Health campaigns here: Health and Wellbeing Library Bookmark … Continue reading

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Public Health Promotion

We’ve mentioned before that Public Health teams have realised Library Bookmarks as an ideal cost-effective vehicle to compliment their other promotional media streams. The library audience ranges from toddlers and parents through to the retired. It includes hard-to-reach groups and the more off-grid community members. … Continue reading

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Sheffield Libraries and Smokefree Sheffield

“Thanks – the bookmarks really are great” said Karen Wallace the Information Library Officer at Sheffield Libraries. Sheffield libraries make great use of their promotional Library Bookmarks. As a direct result, the advertisers who appear on the bookmarks have derived excellent value from … Continue reading

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A selection of campaigns from 2012

A selection of bookmark campaigns, developed by Central Community Press in 2012. The Bookmark People design, produce and distribute targeted promotional bookmarks throughout Public and Academic UK Libraries and UK schools and colleges. Care Homes – 60k Glasgow Library Bookmarks Theatres (Libraries and Schools) – 40k Leeds & Bradford … Continue reading

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